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OreTek Items

RadScan AIO

OreTek RadScan AIO $1300.00USD
This unit features a built-in computer, wireless keyboard/mouse, a 20" monitor, and easy switching between cast and foot scanning.
From a networking perspective, all OreTek systems are plug-n-play.

RadScan AIO
Wireless plug-n-play components/configuration $40.00USD
Select this option if you want OreTek isolated from the rest of your network, or for WIFI connectivity.

This section is for customers who use OreTek to manufacture Foot Orthotics.
OreTek Royalties
Royalty per foot for orthotics
$1.00 USD per foot for regular orthotics.

Royalty per foot for Accomodatives/Positives/Prefabs
$0.50 USD per foot for Accomodative/Positives/Prefab devices.

Royalty per 3 pair order of Accomodatives
$2.00 USD per 3 pair order of accomodatives.

Royalty per 3 pair order of Accomodatives
$1.50 USD per 2 pair order of accomodatives.

Techno-ISEL compatible items

2 standard bearing housings and one gantry bearing housing.
RadScan AIO

Thrust bearing housings kit 3-axis. $40.00 USD
This kit is designed to replace the spherical bearings on older machines with angular contact bearings.
Requires 7200B, one set per axis.