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OreTek is a scalable turn-key orthotics manufacturing system for both in-office practitioners and orthotic manufacturing laboratories, either as a client system for use in-office, or using CNC routers and machining systems to produce a custom foot orthotic. OreTek and RadScan are produced by OsiruSoft Research and Engineering inhouse to minimize manufacturing costs and to provide the highest quality product at the lowest possible price.

Disclaimer: The laser scanner shown below is not a page scanner. It is a true 3D laser scanner which uses at the core of its design, a Line-Plane-Intersection equation. If a potential vendor is trying to sell you anything that looks or acts like a page scanner, it probably is one, and you should question its design. In the past decade, so much of what the podiatric community uses has been used without an obvious thought of its validity, depreciating the value of the practice of prescribing and dispensing foot orthotics. This equipment is a method to provide an accurate mould of a patients foot to a laboratory for the explicit use in manufacturing a foot orthosis based on the patient's foot, eliminating plaster and other physical impressions.
RadScan AIO (all-in-one)
RadScan AIO

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